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Are you looking for a Forklift Training Auckland course? This course can help you to learn a new skill or upgrade your skillset. This education can be lucrative as forklift operators play a critical role in the operation or supply chain management of any manufacturing unit or warehouse. Most people might wonder why undergoing Forklift Driver Training in an accredited centre is essential. This might not be the case with other vehicle licenses.

For instance, when people want to drive a car, they might practice with a family member and get the certification from the local governing board. However, the regulations for commercial drivers are slightly different as the stakes are higher. Drive Smart, the leading forklift training solutions company, has been assisting drivers to reach their full potential through consistent guidance and training. People with forklift license NZ are always preferred by companies and recruiters.

Why is it necessary to have a Forklift License NZ?

Some people might wonder why they need to obtain a Forklift License NZ. The government of New Zealand is highly concerned about the safety of the people in the workspace. They have levied various regulations that would encourage employees to undertake various measures to ensure utmost security. One such requirement is the availability of a valid WorkSafe approved Forklift operator license NZ. The drivers must train with an authorized service center which will enable them to understand the nuances of the industry. It might not be adequate to get the license or certificate for a single time.

These documents tend to expire after a certain period. The drivers must retake the course to ensure that they understand the latest regulations in the field. This will help them to take the necessary steps to enhance their skills. All drivers must have a valid license during their job. The company and the employee can be held liable if they do not have this Forklift License NZ. However, it is also important to warrant that they get this certificate from an authorized training course.

Drive Smart is the leading training center in New Zealand who offers quality and economical course. We have a defined curriculum that enables us to train drivers regarding the challenges in the field. We offer various learner centric solutions that enables us to provide effective training to all our students.

Why is Forklift operator training essential?

A forklift is an industrial truck with a fork in the front. The vehicle is used to transport materials inside the factory. This vehicle is most commonly used in warehouses, storage units and distribution centres. The operator must be cautious in transporting the materials without mishaps safely. This can be challenging, especially in regions with heavy footfalls. Most people do not realize the struggles of operating a forklift.

When people do not take it seriously, it can have a detrimental effect on the products and the people. The mishaps with not only affect the vehicle but also the entire company. All businesses are expected to abide by a set of safety guidelines. They will also have to comply with specific regulations levied by the Government. The increase in accidents could indicate that the company is not taking them seriously. This could harm the brand impact.

We offer

Drive Smart has tailored options for all levels to increase user knowledge and develop safety practices.

Learner Courses

Learner courses with basic knowledge for those with industry experience requiring a refresher course at $115 + GST (1/2 day course).

Beginner Course

Beginner Course- developed to engage beginners with the safe and efficient use of heavy counter-balance Forklifts, Reach Trucks and Stock-pickers ($200 +GST 2 day course).

About US

Mo Khan- Registered Trainer

Drive Smart was established in 2019 to respond to the need within industry to provide world-class training and professional development in the safe operation of heavy machinery.

Drive Smart is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated family business, that responds to the needs and safety aspects specific to the New Zealand Industrial sector.

Our founder Mo Khan is a licenced and accredited trainer who has extensive experience in the logistics segment. With over a decade of experience, he has developed a unique system to impart his knowledge to people. He oversees the entire training to ensure the holistic development of the resources. His real-time experience serves as a guiding beacon for aspiring participants.


Our Mission

To provide training that is trainee driven, industry is impressed by, and that employers trust in.

How does Drive Smart formulate the Forklift training Auckland plan?

Drive Smart has designed various programs to help operators and drivers improve their skills. We do not just focus on driving skills. We understand that anyone with a passion can learn to operate a forklift. However, the real challenge lies in embracing the holistic knowledge in the segment. Being a Forklift operator means the person must be prepared to maintain calm even under stressful conditions. When people get the necessary training for forklift license NZ from a reputed organisation, it gives them a strategic advantage.

They will have to have the technical expertise to make tactical decisions. Our founders have the relevant experience to understand the nuances of the industry. We also closely monitor the changes in the industry to know about the updates in the safety guidelines and other regulations regarding forklift operator training.

This gives us the strategic advantage of planning a proper curriculum. Consider the current needs of the industry and infuse them as a part of the lessons. Every operator should be prepared to handle emergencies on the job. Our methodology comprises both practical and theoretical knowledge that prepares operators to address all the challenges in the field.

How do we distinguish ourselves from our peers?

Forklift operator Course Drivesmart nz
As the leading forklift operator certification company, we take our responsibility seriously. We train both freshers and experienced professionals in the segment. We have various courses that are carefully crafted to garner the ideal results. We provide hands-on training so that the students will be prepared to handle all challenges in the field. Our specialists strive hard to create interactive and informative sessions. Our experience has taught us that every person’s unique skill is different.
Therefore, we would attempt to understand their style and develop a customized program. We also encourage them to ask questions and test their knowledge to ensure they comprehend the material. We are a family-owned and managed business that clearly understands the significance of professional training. Handling heavy counter balance machinery is not a simple task. People should have the necessary training and guidance to minimize the risk of accidents. Our forklift operator certification aims to warrant that the resources are prepped and ready for the task. We do not just prepare them for forklift license NZ, we also give them the skills to handle the daily challenges in the field.
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Questions? Give us a call today at 027 51 51 000
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Course Dates

Course NameCourse DateAuckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
DG newSunday, 14th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 4pm)Auckland
DG renewalFriday, 26th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 27th January, 2024,(12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG new Saturday, 27th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland