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Drive Smart (Forklift Training Solutions)

About Us

Who we are

  • Drive Smart was established in 2019 to respond to the need within industry to provide world-class training and professional development in the safe operation of heavy machinery.
  • Drive Smart is a 100% Kiwi owned and operated family business, that responds to the needs and safety aspects specific to the New Zealand Industrial sector.

Mo Khan Registered Trainer

As well as being a fully licenced and accredited trainer, Mo has worked within the logistics/transport sector for over a decade. He provides a hands on approach to training and development that employers can recognise as being driven by experience within real-life industry.

Trainees can look forward to Mo sharing his years of experience in a friendly user-driven programme that places their individual needs at the forefront.


Our Values


Drive Smart offers world-class excellence in professional training, passing on the experience of those that have decades of experience within the Industry.


At Drive Smart we believe that the best outcomes for training and development can only be achieved when participants can have fun through the learning process. This is fostered through the active and collaborative learning process our trainees experience.


Drive Smart provides a collaborative learning environment where trainees work as a team to increase course outcomes- reflecting industry requirements.


At Drive Smart we believe that the safe operation of heavy machinery relies on the integrity of every operator. This is a code that we live by and instil in all of our trainees.


We believe that safe industry practice is driven by professional and personal accountability. This is a key value that we live by with all of our course offerings.


Our Friendly and experienced team is here to support your development through the training process.


Office hours for bookings or inquiries are 8.00am to 5.00pm, or for urgent bookings or information please feel free to phone the mobile phone number below:
Questions? Give us a call today at 027 51 51 000
Questions? Give us a call today at
027 5151 000

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