Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course Auckland

Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course

Dangerous Good Endorsement Course service is provided by Drive Smart NZ company, one of the rapidly expanding firms in the training sector. You may count on us to provide the highest possible level of training to anyone interested in Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course.

This is our family business, which started in the year of 2019. Our principal mission is to provide instructional programming that is more effective at a competitive price. Our trainers are both highly qualified and experienced, and we can give training and development that is of a standard that is on par with the very finest that can be found elsewhere in the world regarding the safe operation of dangerous goods.

Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course
We like what we do and are committed to providing every one of our students with the best knowledge. Any institution will rely on its trainers for effective coaching. Our team comprises licenced and certified professionals with significant expertise and experience in their respective fields. They pay careful attention to you as an individual and assist in helping you improve your understanding of the topic. It is easy for us to make you understand the course structure

Why choose a Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course, and Why is it essential?

You may plan to work in a chemical or heavy/dangerous goods handling company. There you might get a chance to transport hazardous materials if you don’t have relevant training or experience in the same. It will be tough to handle the work, and you might also be in an accident. So it is necessary to get fully trained on the Dangerous Good Endorsement course.

If you wish to acquire your D endorsement, this course will provide you with video lessons that are simple to understand, followed by questions to test whether or not you’ve retained any of the knowledge. We guide you throughout the course until you acquire your certification, and you will receive a helpful study guide for future reference.

An individual can purchase the course licence, or a business can acquire it on behalf of its drivers. You only need to buy the appropriate quantity of course licences.

How will you evaluate the student?

Dangerous Goods Course Auckland evaluations are planned every two weeks, and the scheduling of your assessment is contingent on the trainer’s availability. After teaching the entire course and being given practical training, drive smart nz will conduct an evaluation session to test the knowledge of our attendees.

If we think the student needs to acquire more knowledge, we will keep evaluating them until they can attend the test. This will give them complete confidence and knowledge. In the workspace, they will easily handle dangerous goods without causing damage. The dangerous goods certificate nz will get them a proper job in the relevant field and avoid many potential accidents.

NZQA unit standard 16718

This course is for anyone who handles or transports any dangerous goods, e.g. fuel and chemicals, by road in New Zealand and needs a D Endorsement. After Dangerous Goods course completion you will need to take your certificate from Drive Smart Ltd to AA or VTNZ for D-endorsement at additional cost.

The D Endorsement expires every 5 years and you must re-sit an assessment, and have it endorsed on your licence. Course options include the full and renewal.

What are the Course Contents of the Dangerous Goods license training Course?

Who is responsible for teaching Dangerous Goods Endorsement Course at Drive Smart?

Mo Khan is our trainer for the dangerous goods license training course. He will help you get a dangerous goods driver license. He has a lot of experience and credentials in handling dangerous goods and will be your instructor for all the classes you take.

He has more than a decade of experience working in the logistics and transportation industry, which has provided him with the knowledge and understanding necessary to operate safely and effectively. So, he might be an excellent support for learning and growing. He is an expert in creating a friendly environment where the students can learn stress-free and efficiently.

Participants in Mo’s training can anticipate that he will share his years of expertise with them through an approachable user-driven curriculum that emphasizes the specific requirements of the learners.

What are the advantages of having a valid Dangerous Goods Certificate NZ?

In New Zealand, the Dangerous Goods Certificate NZ is not just an supplemental skill but a mandatory course. All drivers must have a valid license irrespective of their experience and expertise level. The certificate will also have to be renewed every five years. When people have the Dangerous Goods endorsement NZ, it is believed that they can handle the challenges in the field. As the name suggests, these individuals are responsible for transporting hazardous chemicals. The drivers should be skilled and proficient in the area to ensure their safety and the other regional personnel and property.

Dangerous Goods endorsement course NZ will cover all the essential steps to ensure proper transfer. Our trainers will help the students refresh their knowledge about the basics and provide insights into the advancements of the field. We will offer personalized coaching to each student and help them master the skill. We will also test their understanding of the subject and provide the DC transportation certificate NZ. If the students cannot clear the test, we will also take the necessary steps to learn about the challenges and provide assistance.

Our trainers have extensive experience in the field that allows us to design the right curriculum along with real-time scenarios. This educates the drivers on the key skills of handling the challenges that might arise in the job. We also have a nominal DG certificate that costs NZ for the benefit of our students.

Why Choose Drive Smart New Zealand as your Dangerous Good Endorsement Course Partner?

Drive Smart Nz is one of the fastest-growing training academies in New Zealand. We have a proficient staff who can teach you the skill set and provide you with the dangerous goods certificate Nz. We create hostile environments for all the students, prepare them for the industry and give them hands-on training in handling and moving dangerous goods.

As a direct consequence of the COVID-19 epidemic, there has been a significant decrease in the overall productivity of the world’s labour force. As a result of this disturbance, the logistics and transportation industry proved that it is an essential service. As a direct result of this, selecting to pursue a career in this industry is an option for a career path that is both interesting and risk-free at the same time.

Improve your skills while you still have the chance to do so. You won’t get this chance again. Participants in Drive Smart receive the education and training necessary to perform their jobs in several of New Zealand’s most critical economic spheres in a manner that does not compromise their safety.


Dangerous Goods Licence Pre-requisites

Course Fee: $250 plus gst
Course Venue: 86 Cambridge Terrace, Papatoetoe. Auckland or onsite with minimum of 6 learners.

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Course Dates

Course NameCourse DateAuckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
DG newSunday, 14th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 4pm)Auckland
DG renewalFriday, 26th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 27th January, 2024,(12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG new Saturday, 27th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland