Forklift Operator Refresher Course

Forklift Refresher Course Auckland

Forklift refresher Course Auckland Training is provided by Drive Smart, which is a rapidly expanding organisation in the field. Everyone interested in operating a forklift may count on us to provide the highest quality human training possible. In 2019, it was founded with the primary intention of developing more effective educational programmes. We can give training and development of a world-class standard in the safe operation of heavy machinery because we have skilled and professional trainers on staff.

This is a completely family-owned business with the strong commitment to provide the best possible service. Our aim is to provide the clear forklift driver refresher course education to every one of our pupils. Our workforce or trainer team comprises licenced and certified professionals with extensive domain expertise and experience in the sector. They pay attention to you as a person and help you to improve your understanding of the material.

Who is responsible for the Forklift license refresher course Auckland Training, New Zealand?

Mo Khan, a certified fitness instructor, will oversee all your lessons and trainings. He has over a decade of experience working in the logistics and transportation industry, providing him with all the knowledge and insights into forklift operations. His passion for the subject inspired him to become a trainer. Employers can acknowledge that his hands-on approach to training and development is inspired by expertise inside the business. This is something that they can recognise and appreciate, and this approach is one that he gives for training and development. Participants in Mo’s training can anticipate that he will share his years of expertise with them through an approachable user-driven curriculum that prioritises the specific needs of the trainees. Participants in Mo’s training can look forward to this opportunity.
Forklift Operator Refresher Course Drivesmartnz

Why Choose Drive Smart New Zealand as your Forklift refresher course Auckland Partner?

Because of COVID-19, there has been a major reduction in productivity across the world’s labour force. As a result of this disturbance, the logistics and transportation industry demonstrated that it is a crucial and necessary service; as a result, working in this field is an exciting and secure choice for a career path. Improve your abilities while you still have the chance! Drive Smart provides its participants with the information and skills necessary to securely work in a range of important business sectors in New Zealand.

What exactly is Forklift driver refresher course, and how does the forklift operating mechanism works?

A forklift is a small industrial vehicle with a power-operated forked platform mounted to the front of the vehicle. Forklifts are commonly used in warehouses and distribution centres. This platform has a mechanism that allows it to be raised and lowered, allowing it to be slid underneath a weight so that the load can be lifted or transported. Forklifts are essential to the operation of various organisations, including warehouses and other large storage facilities. To fulfil their obligations, these establishments need to make use of forklifts.

Forklifts can derive most of their power from two principal sources: electric batteries or internal combustion engines. The operator of some forklifts is required to stand while driving and managing the equipment. However, the operator of other forklifts is given the option of sitting down while still being able to execute both responsibilities. It is currently being utilised substantially across the industry to ship goods and components.

How Drive Smart's Forklift operator refresher course Training Classes have Strong Customer Support?

In addition to the exclusive agreements, we have negotiated with several different international organisations, Drive Smart Forklift License refresher course Providers has developed a reputation for providing customers in all areas of New Zealand with a comprehensive selection of industry-leading training. This is in addition to the fact that we have negotiated these agreements. This ensures we can provide our customers with a broad alternative for gaining practical experience in their chosen field.

Our trainers have a high level of education and experience, and they always have a professional demeanour toward the forklift operator refresher course Auckland training they provide and toward the other companies we work with.

Our team takes great pride in their strong work ethic, and they place the utmost importance on cultivating long-lasting connections with our clients or pupils. As a direct result of our strong work ethic and the strategy we take to develop our connections with our customers, we have been able to earn the faith of our customers in our ability to provide excellent service. This has allowed us to earn their trust in our ability to provide excellent service.

Why Forklift License NZ from Drive Smart is the smart choice?

At Drive Smart, we believe that it is of the utmost importance to lay a significant emphasis not only on the safety of our operators but also on the training that we provide to our staff. We provide a wide variety of training programmes that are relevant to safety to satisfy the criteria of the Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as the requirements of your specific line. These goals are accomplished by meeting the needs of our customers. Our trainers in the New Zealand Area office can customise and run a wide selection of training programmes, ranging from Beginner to Re-certification. These programmes may be found in our office. When one of our employees successfully completes one of our programmes, they are given the corresponding certificate card and a manual that includes all of the information covered throughout their training. This booklet contains everything that was covered during their training. In addition, we will store all training recordings for the requisite amount of time, and we will be able to access them later if it becomes necessary to do so.

Forklift Operator Refresher Course

Refresher courses – renewal courses or learners with basic operating knowledge with the safe and efficient use of heavy counter-balance Forklifts to enable them to engage with New Zealand’s essential logistics and transport industry
This course takes place over a period of half day and includes:
Forklift Beginner Course Drivesmart nz
Course fee: $99 plus gst (refresher or operators with basic operating knowledge) Onsite courses with minimum of 5 learners

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Forklift Certification Auckland
Forklift Driver Certificate Nz

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Course Dates

Course NameCourse DateAuckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 6th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 13th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
DG newSunday, 14th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG newSaturday, 20th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerFriday, 26th January, 2024, (8.30am to 4pm)Auckland
DG renewalFriday, 26th January, 2024, (12pm to 1pm)Auckland
Forklift refresherSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 12.30pm)Auckland
Forklift beginnerSaturday, 27th January, 2024, (8am to 4pm)Auckland
f-endorsementSaturday, 27th January, 2024,(12pm to 1pm)Auckland
DG new Saturday, 27th January, 2024, (1pm to 5.30pm)Auckland