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Harness Inspection Course Auckland

Drive Smart Nz is striving to reach excellence in every training class. That’s why we are the top harness inspection course Auckland training academy. We have conducted this course for hundreds of students with a positive outcome. We are one of the least academies which can provide you with the course at a competitive price. You can also have the advantage of a practical session. Because we believe any training without practical knowledge cannot pull off the expected result.

This is a family-owned business that was established in 2019. The mission is to provide world-class training and professional development in the heavy machinery industry. Our Founder, Mo Khan, is a licensed and accredited trainer. We have various courses designed to provide harness inspection Auckland training in various heavy machinery and logistics safety sectors.

Harness Inspection

Personal Protective Equipment Inspection And Recertification

Drive Smart offers regular and professional inspection for recertification of height safety and fall arrest personal protection equipment (PPE).
Fall protection equipment inspection guidelines require that employers perform regular equipment inspections on lifelines, harnesses, lanyards ensure that their gear is up to date and compliant with the proper safety standards. Fall protection equipment should be personally inspected before each use and twice a year by a Competent Person (or more frequently if required by the manufacturer)
All Harnesses and Lanyard shall be inspected by qualified inspector every 6months

What is Harness Inspection Course Auckland Training?

Our Safety Harness Inspection Course provides delegates with the necessary competency to safely and correctly carry out the statutory inspections of general items of fall protection equipment and accurately record their findings. It includes a minimum of 4 hours of theory and hands-on practical instruction.

We understand the importance of safety in the logistics industry and try to teach the same to students through the course formulated for them. This course includes the inspection regime advice described in INDG-367 and illustrative sample paperwork and forms.

The recommended fall protection inspection practices in this course have been discussed with manufacturers, suppliers, installers, and significant users. It is advised that formal, comprehensive inspections be conducted and documented regularly by a qualified individual at least once every six months. This safety harness training aims to give participants the skills necessary to conduct both interim and detailed inspections on a variety of regularly used fall protection equipment and document the results.

Who is this P.P.E. inspection Auckland course for?

This harness inspection auckland training programme is designed for staff members who are or will be in charge of conducting formal inspections of safety harnesses, lanyards, and related F.P.E. (Fall Protection Equipment) at work. There are no prerequisites for this training, but it would be beneficial to have some practical experience with safety harnesses, lanyards, and related F.P.E.

English literacy and language understanding are crucial prerequisites for any user because the safe use of fall protective equipment necessitates that delegates study safety notices and read and completely comprehend the manufacturer’s instruction manual.

What do you get with the Fall Arrest Harness Inspection course?

Each delegate will get training in all applicable laws, regulations, standards, and good practices so they can create an examination plan, write an examination inspection report, and examine common work-at-height F.P.E. (Fall Protection Equipment),such as:

Safety Harnesses,  Fall Arrest Lanyards, Work Position Lanyards, Work RestraintLanyards, Connectors

Delegates must do several official height safety inspection devices during a theory session. Representatives will take a brief multiple-choice exam after the course. Delegates who complete the course will be given a 3-year-valid personal protective equipment inspection Certificate of Training.


Does the license for forklifts expires?

The expiration of the RTITB forklift licence sometimes needs to be clarified with the expiry of the National Operators Registration System. The certificate of basic training and licence, however, never expires. After you get a forklift licence, you can use one without having to renew it, but you must also go to refresher training every five years.

How long is Forklift Training?

The number of students in a class will determine how long forklift training will last. Although a 3:1 student-to-instructor ratio is optimal, this is only sometimes the case, and larger classes can take longer to finish. Beginner forklift training typically lasts five days.

Who Can a Lanyard Be Certified By?

Lanyards can be inspected and certified by a variety of outside firms. Certain personnel may also do these checks if they have completed the necessary safety harness training and certification.

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